Information about the different competitions.

General Information

The field is marked with circles at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 metres. (10, 8, 6, 4, 2 points) The centre circle is called the "bullseye". There are also distance markers at 20, 30, 40 and 50 metres. The boomerang must always go at least 20 metres, except for MTA


This is the most simple event. Throw the boomerang from the bullseye 5 times, and have it land on the ground as near as possible to you. You get 10 points if it lands in the bullseye, or you get the points of the other circles if it lands in them.

Aussie Round

Aussie Round adds the elements of distance and catching to accuracy. You get points for catching (up to 4), points for distance (up to 6), and points for accuracy (up to 10).

Fast Catch

Fast catch sounds simple. You must catch your boomerang 5 times as quickly as possible. All throws have to be from the bullseye, and your time finishes when you catch your last boomerang, and you touch a part of the bullseye. (*Hint: a slow, accurate boomerang will beat a faster inaccurate boomerang)


MTA stands for "Maximum Time Aloft". You throw your boomerang, and see how long it hovers before you catch it. You must catch it for your time to count. You can throw from anywhere, and catch anywhere, but sometimes a 100 meter limit applies.


You are given a time limit (usually 2 or 5 minutes), and you have to see how many catches you can make in that time. Each throw must be from the bullseye.

Trick Catch

There are 10 designated catches which each have different points. Left Hand, Right Hand, Two hands Behind the Back, Two Hands Under the Leg, Eagle (catch the boomerang from the top with one hand), Hackey (kick, then catch), Tunnel (2 hands under the leg, with both feet on the ground), One Hand Behind the Back, One Hand Under the Leg, Foot Catch. For more experienced throwers, the event then goes on with making the same catches while throwing 2 boomerangs at the same time (Doubling)!!


This is a team event. There are markers placed at 30 meters, you have to run to the bullseye, make a catch, then run back to tag the next person in your team. This event is usually run with 2 teams competing at the same time.


Glorp is a catching game with unlimited players. The first thrower makes a catch, then the rest of the throwers have to make the same catch, or they get the next letter. (G-L-O-R-P) You are allowed to do any trick catch you like, like a hat-catch, or a knee catch, or a "punch, kick, Eagle and somersault" catch! The main idea of this game is to have fun! See how many catches you can think of!